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An aqua-haired woman, flanked by a massive, pink, goggle-clad canine, stepped out into greenhouse 6Y, a field of overgrown grass and glass walls.

The woman, Phêdré, pulled a frisbee out of her sleeve and sent it soaring across the grass. The big pink dog, Az, went bounding after, woofing happily. He caught it, the frisbee disappearing into his mouth, and he came slobbering back, dropping the frisbee for his bond-mate upon arrival.

She threw it again. And again, and again, until Az was flopped on his back and panting cheerfully. Phêdré sat gracefully in the grass beside him and started scratching idly behind his ears. Soon, his canine body melted away and he lay sprawled, his head in his love's lap as she scratched him.

One of his legs began an involuntary thumping.

Phêdré looked up, ceasing her actions (to which Az whined), and spoke, "Someone else is here."
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