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The Blacklite Inn

A Meeting Place and Lodging for Muses

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::Be sure to read the very first post in the community. It changes from time to time, but it contains all the info needed. It was last updated September 1st::

With the soft crunch of gravel, you step out of your car, and onto a long, rocky driveway of white stone. The driveway, which several feet in front of you narrows to a thin walkway, slowly winds up a steep, heavily forrested hill. Through the trees you can catch the barest glimmer of glass.

Once on the path, the forest darkens around you, deepening to a dull gloom as if dusk were upon you. Looking up, no sky is visible through the heavy foliage, no hint of blue in that sea of hunter green. As the woods continute to darken around you, archaic lamp posts begin appearing at intervals along the path, fading once you have passed, ghostlike. The white gravel seems to glow, threading a brilliant path through the blackness.

Abruptly, you find yourself on the edge of a vast field, free of the confining forest, out in the sun again. The path continues through the meadow, dotted here and there with incroaching wildflowers, but mostly clear. Straight ahead of you lies a house.

As you approach it, details become easier to make out. The soaring towers and spires, the rambling wrappabout porch, the stream cutting straight through the base of the house, the gargoyles perched in odd positions....one group even seems to be playing poker! Most of all the highly cared for condition of the ebony paneling of the building, and the gently rocking sign, weatherbeaten, but still in excellent shape, proclaiming this to be the Blacklite Inn.

Quickly taking the steps up to the grand doubledoors, you raise your hand to knock, but pause to examine the elaborate carvings on the doors. While in this position, hand raised, the left door opens silently, and green, laughing eyes meet your own.

The young man, or elf, (or whatever he is, for the pointed ears paired with the greenish, and extremely draconic tail flicking about behind him give plently cause for confusion)pushes the door wider and steps to the side.

"We've been waiting for you. Welcome to the Blacklite Inn, our home."