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The Blacklite Inn

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[03 Sep 2004|07:08am]

[ mood | Coffeeeee... ]

A tall cloaked figure wanders into the inn, the only visible aspect is large brown eyes with slitted pupils. A large leather pack is slung across her back with some case that looks like it would carry a musical instrument. She is sopping wet as though she had just stepped in from a rainstorm, although is appears to be sunny and fair outside.

Maizreil D'Attal, 19, blinks at the inside of the inviting inn. She sidesteps so she's no longer standing in the doorway and convenately blends in with the shadows there. The welcoming decor, odd as it was, was a welcome far cry from the place she had escaped from. Her mouth, unseen under her wrap, twists in a grimance. Anything's better than that place. Running away from the Asylum was the best thing she had done since before her...Uncle, had put her there. She pushes the haunting voices and screams, fragmants of memories from that awful place from her mind and focuses on her future. Mostly her immediate future of finding a room to stay in where she can finally get at least a bit of sleep.
Her stomach rumbles, reminding her that she hadn't eaten anything for weeks since she left the Asylum. Idly wondering again how she could possibly still be alive after not eating for so long, she scans the place to figure out who she should talk to about a room and food.

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[02 Sep 2004|05:47am]

Thora Arbus, a woman of 24 years of age roughly standing at 5'2", walked into the lobby, slowly scanning all the people moving about the place with her swamp green eyes.

She was taken aback by the striking oddness of some of the creatures, all the while staying close to the wall on the far side of the room. Well, as close as she could, for on her back she had a pack, and a camera hanging around her neck. Her hair kept falling around her face as she tried to observe her surroundings, and she was getting annoyed with constantly pushing it back, so she finally gave way to putting it back with a tie.

Her hair waved down her back like a chestnut waterfall.
She felt the heat rise to her cheeks and only assumed they were turning a pink shade, for she was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed in the crowded room. She made way for any door that would lead her outside.

She had rather fancied the gargoyles that were about the inn. She was also feeling a bit out of place because she was only human, nothing special to her, well besides the fact that she was 1/4 demon from her father and only inherited the ability to see in the dark. An ability she never mentioned, or seemed to take into account as a rarity for she knew nothing of her parents heritage, only that of her father and her mother being human. She grew up with an elderly women who adopted her when she was born.

Everyone seemed to have something rather eccentric to them which she found intriguing, and wanted to photograph many of them but for now she needed to be outdoors. Making way to a door that appeared to lead outside, she went through it, coming thankfully to the outer part of the inn. She took off her pack and sat down leaning against the wall she stared out at the scenery ahead of her.

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Frisbee [18 Aug 2004|10:26am]

[ mood | okay ]

An aqua-haired woman, flanked by a massive, pink, goggle-clad canine, stepped out into greenhouse 6Y, a field of overgrown grass and glass walls.

The woman, Phêdré, pulled a frisbee out of her sleeve and sent it soaring across the grass. The big pink dog, Az, went bounding after, woofing happily. He caught it, the frisbee disappearing into his mouth, and he came slobbering back, dropping the frisbee for his bond-mate upon arrival.

She threw it again. And again, and again, until Az was flopped on his back and panting cheerfully. Phêdré sat gracefully in the grass beside him and started scratching idly behind his ears. Soon, his canine body melted away and he lay sprawled, his head in his love's lap as she scratched him.

One of his legs began an involuntary thumping.

Phêdré looked up, ceasing her actions (to which Az whined), and spoke, "Someone else is here."

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*slinks in* [14 Aug 2004|10:35pm]
*Black's Intro*

From the corner of a large room, you see the crowd of guests wander to and fro in an effort to obtain dinner. To your right, you see a cat/lizard type of creature, about 5 feet and 6 inches in height, with short black and grey fur and a pair of sunglasses. Her smile is subtle, but unmistakable; she exudes a sort of cool that draws you to her. "Hello," she says in a strikingly girlish voice. This is Korra Nightcreeper, most commonly called by her nickname---Black. She wears a black T-shirt and some beat up workpants that are so ripped and torn and weakened by battery acid that it's a wonder they stay on her, except that she has rather wide hips and a generously sized frame. She extends a clawed hand out and invites you to take it. "Come with me, I'll show you where the good food is.

*to be continued*

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Hello... [13 Aug 2004|08:52am]

Full Name:
Brief History:
Relativly Short Description:

A young woman with the appearance of about twenty(or so she looked-truthfully, she was nearing 400 years) leaned against the walls of the Blacklite Inn, casually observing the multitude of creatures gathered in the lobby. While doing so, she contemplated about getting a room-the storm outside had transcended to a climatic level. She knew it was best to stay, as the heavy droplets would prove hell on her journey home. But truth be told, she was not a people-person. Or rather, Shadow Fay.

She, Moira being her name, subconciously squirmed, thinking of her race. She was proud of her hertiage, to be sure. Her magical skills were of great strengths. But her thoughts couldn't help but stray towards the predjudice her kind were forced to endure.

The Shadow Fay were recognizable with the obsidian hair that all boasted. One could also determine their race by the runic shape seemingly engraved in the skin-if it were visible. Unfortunatly for Moira, hers was unshamefully splayed on the palm of her hand, something strangers were quick to notice.

Growing up among her mother, Morgaine, and father, Demitri, her childhood had been filled with the pleasentries of aquiring the magical knowledge that made her the Fay she was today. Shape-shifting, in particular, was a more prominent strength for her, while her skills in potion brewing were less than admirable.

But that had only been her home life. In her travels, she had encountered the common stereotypes of the Shadow Fay-wicked, cruel, cold. She had attempted to meet each stranger's accusations with grace, but she was quick to succumb to her fears, fleeing so as she could cry in private.

Even after nearly four centuries Moira had a tendency for being a wall-flower; she had quickly come to accept that her kind were frowned upon by the rest of the world.

Twirling her thick locks out of habit, her grey eyes went from one creature to the next. Clearly, this Inn was filled with many, some even she didn't know. Sighing, she clung to the shadows, hoping no eyes would find her there.

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Introducing..... [11 Aug 2004|06:59pm]

[ mood | oh, my aching fingers.... ]

A small video camera, clutched in feline hands, is carried into a cozy room filled with tables, chairs, assorted people, and a long bar. Those same hands flip the viewscreen on the side of the device up, then swivel the lens around until all that’s visible is one bright blue slit-pupiled eye. In the background, a voice calls for more beer, and the camera zooms out to reveal a feline face. A thin, but nasty looking scar traces it’s way over the right, dull blue eye, which is a sharp contrast to the sparkling green eye on the other side. Yellow-tan fur covers her face, except for thin black stripes going down over her muzzle, and the creamy-white fur which starts under her chin, and flows down her chest.

“Hi! My name is Seldana Siyth. I’m going to be interviewing the other patrons of the Inn, so I can start with myself, I guess.” She pauses, looking thoughtful, “I’m a Bastai, which is a cat person, basically. I grew up in a forest in another world where the queen of the land, who was a drow, ruled a happy kingdom. But with lots of undead. It was okay though. I trained as a druid from cubhood, but a reality rift tossed me into the mall in here. I found the Inn and decided to stay. I can turn into a blue-skinned human with gold hair. My age is about sixteen summers. Um…” The camera reverses itself, showing the Inn common room once again, “Oh, we can get Kasukira next!”

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Info and Rules [09 Aug 2004|08:02pm]

[ mood | Ready to Start! ]

This is basically an ongoing role-playing community, where the challenge is, if you feel like it, to role-play multiple characters simultaneously, but with distinct personalities. In most cases, these will be either well developed characters from your past, or muses.

By muses I mean those little voices in your head, the plot-bunnies, the whatever you have. Mine control different aspects of my personality/creative abilities, so you get the idea.

For each of the characters you intend to play, you must provide, in your first post:
Full Name:
Brief History:
Relativly Short Description:

These can be, and are encouraged to be worked into the role-playing of your first couple posts.

Also, this community does not accept any sort of discrimination or abuse. These things, when run in the past, have had a tendency to become explicitly sexual, in either a homo or heterosexual way. These roles are entirely willing on all counts.


If you play with one character for awhile, you are more than welcome to introduce a new character. With any luck, this will be a fast-paced game, so be ready to read back if you must.

To join, you need to await approval from one of our moderators, darkmoon_light, or chaotic_muses. Just use the join option on the info page, and when you get your e-mail, feel free to post, though posts are also moderated, due to the grammar nazi's lurking hereabouts.

On that note, make sure you don't use netspeak, or any other type of abbreviated language. It has no place here. Posts must be decently spelled as well, or they risk threat of editing or deletion. I will try to edit as much as possible, but if an entry is hopeless, expect it to be denied.

Currently, to role-play on somebody's post, use the comment feature. It massivly simplfies keeping track of a story-line.

Thank you, and welcome to The Blacklite Inn!

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