The Rabid Gummi Bears (the_rabid_muses) wrote in blacklite_inn,
The Rabid Gummi Bears

*slinks in*

*Black's Intro*

From the corner of a large room, you see the crowd of guests wander to and fro in an effort to obtain dinner. To your right, you see a cat/lizard type of creature, about 5 feet and 6 inches in height, with short black and grey fur and a pair of sunglasses. Her smile is subtle, but unmistakable; she exudes a sort of cool that draws you to her. "Hello," she says in a strikingly girlish voice. This is Korra Nightcreeper, most commonly called by her nickname---Black. She wears a black T-shirt and some beat up workpants that are so ripped and torn and weakened by battery acid that it's a wonder they stay on her, except that she has rather wide hips and a generously sized frame. She extends a clawed hand out and invites you to take it. "Come with me, I'll show you where the good food is.

*to be continued*
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