Thora (boticelliangel) wrote in blacklite_inn,

Thora Arbus, a woman of 24 years of age roughly standing at 5'2", walked into the lobby, slowly scanning all the people moving about the place with her swamp green eyes.

She was taken aback by the striking oddness of some of the creatures, all the while staying close to the wall on the far side of the room. Well, as close as she could, for on her back she had a pack, and a camera hanging around her neck. Her hair kept falling around her face as she tried to observe her surroundings, and she was getting annoyed with constantly pushing it back, so she finally gave way to putting it back with a tie.

Her hair waved down her back like a chestnut waterfall.
She felt the heat rise to her cheeks and only assumed they were turning a pink shade, for she was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed in the crowded room. She made way for any door that would lead her outside.

She had rather fancied the gargoyles that were about the inn. She was also feeling a bit out of place because she was only human, nothing special to her, well besides the fact that she was 1/4 demon from her father and only inherited the ability to see in the dark. An ability she never mentioned, or seemed to take into account as a rarity for she knew nothing of her parents heritage, only that of her father and her mother being human. She grew up with an elderly women who adopted her when she was born.

Everyone seemed to have something rather eccentric to them which she found intriguing, and wanted to photograph many of them but for now she needed to be outdoors. Making way to a door that appeared to lead outside, she went through it, coming thankfully to the outer part of the inn. She took off her pack and sat down leaning against the wall she stared out at the scenery ahead of her.
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An elf, with skin black as coal, and disturbingly sky-blue hair, walks by, whistling, with a rocket launcher over her shoulder.

She proceeds a few steps beyond the sitting woman, but then her shoulders droop and she takes a few steps back.

Fixing one sullen green eye on Thora, she mutters, "Inn policy. I need to warn you that you are in my firing range. I warned you, so don't blame me if you get blown up."

Brightening, she continues on her way.
"Don't mind her." A childish voice speaks up from her elbow. A young girl with gold hair, eyes and wolf features stands there in shorts, tanktop and rollerblades. She grins, showing fangs.
"She's right though, so be careful. I'm Joe by the way. That was Tes."
Throas' attention was immediately drawn to the sound of whistling she watched the elf walked by. when she spoke, Thora took it into consideration and would move. she did however jump a bit when Joe spoke up.
" I'd hope she's right, I mean it would be worrisome to know that there is a person out there with a rocket launcher who doesn't know what there talking about." she stood up swinging her pack back on. "My names Thora by the way. So is there any place out here that isn't in her "range"?"
Joe blinks and takes up a thinking positition with one hand stroking her chin. "Uh, behind the place on the other side of the stream by the woods, I think. She usually doesn't aim for a few of the rooms..." Joe chirps. She skates a little back and forth in front of her.
"Want me to show you to a room?" She offers.
"so this place is like a hazzard zone...awsome. Yeah that would be great if you could do that."
she smiled, then took up her camera and took a shot of Joe while she stood in her thinking position.
Joe stops and blinks a couple spots out of her eyes, "Follow me, please." She leads Thora down what seems to be underground and stops in the middle of a hallway.
"There's currently three rooms that Tes doesn't aim for that's up for grabs. One has an underwater cave theme, and is a little damp because of the tank that lines one wall. There's what I dubbed the Mush-room since the cusions that make up the seats and bed look a little like giant mushrooms. Then there's one that looks like an underground castle chamber. Take your pick." She motions to the three doors.
A computer screen unfolded from the wall nearby. Displayed on the screen was a dainty blond-haired woman.

"Joe! What has Wyatt told you about dragging guests off to rooms without her knowledge!? Please, next time, at least inform ME. What would you do if someone wanted the room your friend ends up in?"

The image on the screen shook her head and sighed. "So, you have her considering N6, N5 and E19? Or is the 'Mush-room' as you call it, E15? Tes won't shoot at the lower Wests, or the lower Souths, because the babies are in that direction, so don't forget those...."