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A young woman with the appearance of about twenty(or so she looked-truthfully, she was nearing 400 years) leaned against the walls of the Blacklite Inn, casually observing the multitude of creatures gathered in the lobby. While doing so, she contemplated about getting a room-the storm outside had transcended to a climatic level. She knew it was best to stay, as the heavy droplets would prove hell on her journey home. But truth be told, she was not a people-person. Or rather, Shadow Fay.

She, Moira being her name, subconciously squirmed, thinking of her race. She was proud of her hertiage, to be sure. Her magical skills were of great strengths. But her thoughts couldn't help but stray towards the predjudice her kind were forced to endure.

The Shadow Fay were recognizable with the obsidian hair that all boasted. One could also determine their race by the runic shape seemingly engraved in the skin-if it were visible. Unfortunatly for Moira, hers was unshamefully splayed on the palm of her hand, something strangers were quick to notice.

Growing up among her mother, Morgaine, and father, Demitri, her childhood had been filled with the pleasentries of aquiring the magical knowledge that made her the Fay she was today. Shape-shifting, in particular, was a more prominent strength for her, while her skills in potion brewing were less than admirable.

But that had only been her home life. In her travels, she had encountered the common stereotypes of the Shadow Fay-wicked, cruel, cold. She had attempted to meet each stranger's accusations with grace, but she was quick to succumb to her fears, fleeing so as she could cry in private.

Even after nearly four centuries Moira had a tendency for being a wall-flower; she had quickly come to accept that her kind were frowned upon by the rest of the world.

Twirling her thick locks out of habit, her grey eyes went from one creature to the next. Clearly, this Inn was filled with many, some even she didn't know. Sighing, she clung to the shadows, hoping no eyes would find her there.
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